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About MCi

The Global Leader in Contractor Management Solutions for Over 35 Years

Founded in 1989, Management Controls (MCi) has established itself as a leader in the field of contractor data management software technology and services. Our journey began with a mission to tackle the intricate challenges organizations face in managing complex contractor data, encompassing labor, equipment, and materials. Over the years, our insights and innovations led us to develop myTrack, the next-generation platform that builds upon and significantly enhances the capabilities of the Track Platform.

At MCi, we understand the critical importance of effective contractor management for business success. That's why myTrack is more than just a software solution; it's a strategic tool transforming the relationship between owners and their contractors. With myTrack, owners are equipped with unparalleled transparency and control over their contractors' daily productivity and costs. This powerful insight enables more informed decisions, leading to enhanced budget utilization and more effective resource allocation.

Our commitment to innovation and customer service has positioned MCi as a trusted partner in various industries. We continually evolve myTrack, ensuring it meets the changing needs of our clients and stays ahead of the latest industry trends. Whether it's simplifying contractor invoicing, providing real-time cost tracking, or enabling detailed performance analytics, myTrack delivers a comprehensive solution that addresses the full spectrum of contractor management challenges. 

Our Vision

Achieve a world where owners and contractors are on the same page.


Our Mission

Provide a platform that brings owners and their contractors together to solve business problems and create value.

Our Core Values

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