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Utilities and Power Generation

Streamline contractor costs, ensure contract compliance, and optimize cost management for efficient and compliant utilities and power generation operations.

Contractor Cost Management Software

myTrack assists utilities and power companies in efficiently monitoring contractor expenses, ensuring contract compliance with real-time visibility, and providing actionable insights to improve operational performance.

The utilities industry is a $200+ billion industry that relies heavily on contract labor. From nuclear plants to coal-generated plants to maintaining power transmission lines, contract labor plays an important role in the industry, from routine maintenance to outages. The Utilities Industry needs a contractor management platform to improve efficiency, transparency, and productivity within these sites and generate significant value.

Track Labor, Material, and Equipment Costs Accurately

  • Works with your existing access control systems to capture and record gate events and reduce errors caused by manually logging hours.
  • Labor, rates, and schedules are calculated automatically to accurately determine net billable hours and costs.
  • Get a holistic view of all contractor labor, equipment, and material costs in one centralized location. 
Labor Hours Distrubution on Laptop
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Make Contract Compliance a Breeze

  • Apply contract rules to invoices to ensure contractors are paid based on your contract’s terms and conditions.
  • Contract-compliant hours are calculated and allocated in real-time and updated to your ERP automatically.

Keep Your Power Plants Safe

  • Monitor exposure hours to various safety hazards to protect your contractors and stay OSHA-compliant.
  • Automatically check to ensure contractors have appropriate safety certifications before being allowed on-site.
  • Receive alerts when workers have reached their fatigue threshold to proactively prevent accidents and injuries.
On Site

Make Better Decisions With Data and Insights

  • See your workforce mix every day to ensure you have the right skill sets on-site and eliminate excess headcount.
  • Review your performance, easily identify areas for improvement, and compare to industry benchmarks from hundreds of other sites across the globe.
  • Reduce overtime costs by monitoring usage and discrepancies down to the individual contractor level.

Management Controls Case Studies

Read real-world examples of how global producers are simplifying the complexities of contractor data and spend management.