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Contractor Safety Compliance
& Workforce Visibility

Make safety your top priority. Get complete, real-time tracking of man-hours worked, fatigue reporting, and exposure hours.

Enforce Safety Compliance

Keep your worksites safe by gaining real-time visibility of onsite manpower and that each contractor has the appropriate safety certifications and training before being allowed on your site.

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Fatigue Reporting

  • Monitor worker fatigue thresholds for consecutive hours in a day and consecutive days on-site.
  • Receive alerts when workers have reached their fatigue threshold to prevent accidents and injuries proactively.

  • Read what satisfied customers have to say...

    "We’ve seen some really outstanding results.. It’s about being able to focus on safety and production first, removing the emotion of how people get paid.”

    - Senior Director, Fortune 100 Company

    Monitor Exposure Hours

    Keep track of exposure hours to various safety hazards to protect your contractors and easily report data to OSHA. 

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    Workforce Reporting

    Gain real-time visibility into total manpower on-site in the event of an emergency to safely account for each worker.

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