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Revolutionizing Capital Project Management

Unlock Cost Control and Visibility: myTrack's Comprehensive Approach to Capital Project Oversight

Say Goodbye to Reporting Delays

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On-Time, On-Budget Completion

myTrack’s accurate cost calculations and real-time reporting ensure project milestones and financial targets are met with precision

Optimized Resource Allocation with myTrack

Ensure you have the right skills on-site to complete the job.

Centralized Project Management

Track all contractor labor, equipment, and material volume and costs to maintain accountability and clarity for your projects.

Improve Worker Safety

Know who is on-site in real-time in the event of an emergency. 

Proactive Project Management

myTrack's robust reporting tools give project managers the daily allocation of all work by project, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Through daily settlement and real-time reporting, myTrack provides early warnings if schedules or budgets are in jeopardy, empowering managers to take corrective action promptly


Looking to qualify for the IRA Tax Credits?

Here are 4 ways myTrack delivers value for the IRA Tax Credit

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Ensure Accuracy and Efficiency in Change Management

Change is inevitable in any project, but with myTrack, scope changes and change management are handled efficiently. myTrack's ability to control and account for changes means that PO/Line allocation and tracking are always up-to-date and reflective of the current project status.


Mike Mantooth

Director, Capital Projects

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Pay Contractors On-Time

Automate accurate invoices and pay contractors the next day with myTrack's daily settlement process. 

Learn How myTrack Can Help with the IRA & CHIPS Act

Dig into how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and CHIPS Act are reshaping the economic landscape