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Transform Remote Workforce Management

Track Anywhere empowers real-time workforce visibility and cost control at remote worksites without boundaries.

Extend Contractor Cost Control Anywhere

Track Anywhere Devices

Validate Proof of Presence in Real-Time


View who is on the remote work site, the skills, schedules, and the exact locations by individual, company, or work location.

Capture Accurate Hours & Costs

Know when workers check-in to the work site and when they leave. Costs are automatically calculated based on the individual craftsman skill, hourly rate, work schedule, per diem, and other contractually obligated terms.

Pro-Actively Manage Your Remote Work Sites

Get real-time insight into the activity happening on your remote work sites. With TRACK Anywhere, owners get real-time information to make data-driven, pro-active decisions.

Read what satisfied customers have to say...

"Track Anywhere empowered the use of cost control software at locations not previously possible"

— Project Director, Midstream Oil & Gas

Track Anywhere

Virtual Gate

Virtual Gate is the ultimate mobile solution for capturing contractor in/out events in remote work locations. Our innovative technology ensures that all contractor activity is tracked and recorded with ease, giving you the peace of mind that comes with complete job site visibility. With Virtual Gate, you can streamline your contractor management process to ensure proof of presence, cost control, and contract compliance. Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to seamless, automated contractor management with Virtual Gate.

Key Features:

  • Mobile application available on Android & iOS
  • Capture GPS Location of In/Out events validated by custom Geo-boundaries
  • Capture Notes & Images from crews in the field
  • Individual & Foreman Mode
  • Track Anywhere Virtual Gate
    Track Anywhere Kiosk

    Track Anywhere


    Our cutting-edge mobile application records worker activity and provides convenient badge-in/badge-out functionality for individuals identified by their personal RFID tag, QR code, or unique access code. But that's not all—our technology also records the geo-location of each activity, ensuring worker proof of presence and safety. 

  • Ruggedized & Intrinsically Safe
  • Designed for High Volume Remote Worksites
  • Microsoft Windows Application
  • Available on Mesa devices or Microsoft Surface
  • Remote Mustering Capabilities
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