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Eliminate Overbilling: Ensure Accuracy
of Labor, Equipment, and Material Costs

myTrack ensures your labor, equipment, and material spend is accurate so you can focus on what you do best.

Pay Your Contractors with Confidence

Take the guesswork out of managing contractor spend with automated cost control and compliance. myTrack's built-in intelligence applies contract rules to invoices, covering aspects such as skills, pay rates, per diems, and site-specific regulations. myTrack supports Time and Materials contracts, as well as Lump Sum and Unit Price contracting strategies.

  • Eliminate manual timesheet processing, invoice handling, and post-invoice reconciliation.
  • Automatically capture gate log data, enforce schedule adherence, and ensure compliance with contract terms, providing precise calculation of net-billable hours.
  • Ensure the correct allocation of all contract costs down to the task level of work orders, helping you manage project finances efficiently and effectively.
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    Prevent Overbilling and Duplicate Charges for Equipment

    Equipment costs account for 10%-15% of maintenance spending and up to 20% during a turnaround. At any given time, cranes, trucks, and cherry pickers are either being utilized or sitting idle. The accountability, utilization, and cost of equipment are important elements that need to be addressed in the overall contracting, maintenance, and capital strategies.

  • With myTrack, rest assured that equipment charges are always in line with your contract terms, providing clarity and preventing unexpected costs.
  • Eliminate the guesswork in equipment handling. myTrack enforces price agreements and standardizes equipment terminology, fostering straightforward analysis and competitive bidding.
  • Effortlessly manage additional equipment expenses, whether for mobilization or repairs and eliminate the risk of double billing for the same equipment on multiple projects.
  • Stay updated with near real-time reporting on equipment costs, broken down by vendor and project.
  • Avoid these costly mistakes.

    Learn how common invoicing errors can lead to inaccurate invoices and overbilling.

    11 Most Common@2x-2
    Gain Real-time Manpower Visibility

    myTrack can answer the question, “Do we have the right labor and equipment here to complete today’s scheduled work?”

    Line Item Visibility

    Correct allocation of all contract costs is ensured down to the task level of work orders.

    Streamline Processes

    myTrack has bi-directional interfaces with all ERP systems. This automates and streamlines the contractor payment process. Electronic timesheets generated in myTrack are routed directly into your ERP system for payment. 

    Pay Only for Approved Material Purchases

    Delays frequently occur between the arrival of materials supplied by contractors and the submission of the corresponding invoices. This challenge is compounded when contractors purchase materials in bulk and distribute them across multiple projects and coordinators. The task of tracking and ensuring accountability for these material charges becomes especially complex during major capital projects or during plant outages, heightening the administrative burden.

  • myTrack ensures material usage charges align with your contract terms, giving you peace of mind and eliminating unexpected costs.
  • Easily attach receipts and backup documentation to material charges for a transparent record-keeping system to ensures accountability every step of the way.
  • Empower your team with the ability to review and authorize material charges promptly.
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    Read what satisfied customers have to say...

    We’ve seen some really outstanding results. It’s about being able to focus on safety and production first, removing the emotion of how people get paid.

    — Senior Director, 
    Fortune 100 Company

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