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Manage and Pay Contractors with Confidence

Remove the burden from your contractors to invoice you accurately. 

Own and Optimize Your Budget with Real-Time Data Visibility

Manage and pay your service contractors what they have earned. With myTrack, you know costs are accurate and contract-compliant before payment. 

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Data is Your Competitive Advantage

On a typical industrial site, contractor labor, equipment, and material costs are estimated, decisions are made in the dark,
and crucial data is spread across multiple systems. Sound familiar? With myTrack, you can measure, track, and
make informed decisions about your routine maintenance, shutdowns, turnarounds, outages, and capital projects in one place. 

Gain real-time insights into your contractor relationships, ensuring compliance, 
hour and dollar calculations, and seamless integration with your ERP system. 
Contractors get paid accurately and on time, with labor and hours 
validated through access control and gated systems.

Track Labor, Equipment, and Material Spend to the Penny

  • Integrate with Your Access Control System: Automatically record gate events and reduce manual errors.
  • Automate Calculations: Labor hours, rates, and schedules are automatically calculated, ensuring precise net billable hours and costs.
  • Tailor Contracting Strategy: Supports Time & Materials, Lump Sum, and Unit Pricing for project flexibility.
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    Automate and Simplify Contract Compliance 

  • Automatically Enforce Contract Terms: Apply contract rules to invoices so contractors are paid based on the terms and conditions.
  • Align Hours with Rates: Match contractor hours to specific rate structures—time on site, skill classification, schedule, per diem, and more.
  • Update in Real-Time: Automatically calculate compliant hours and sync instantly with your ERP after approval.

  • Read what satisfied customers have to say ...

    Without myTrack, you are operating in the dark. With myTrack, you actually know what your contractors have earned and you work with confidence that you are really paying for what you should be paying for.

    — Vice President, 
    Maintenance and Manufacturing

    myTrack is quick and easy. What normally took me 10 minutes in Track now takes seconds.

    — Vendor Timekeeper

    Keep Your Worksites Safe

  • Always know who is on your site with real-time data.
  • Automatically check to ensure contractors have appropriate safety certifications before being allowed on-site.
  • Prevent accidents by getting alerts when a worker reaches their fatigue threshold.
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    Make Better Decisions With Data and Insights

  • See your workforce mix every day to ensure you have the right skill sets on-site and eliminate excess headcount.
  • Review your performance, easily identify areas for improvement, and compare to industry benchmarks from hundreds of other sites across the globe.
  • Reduce overtime costs by monitoring usage and discrepancies down to the individual contractor level.
  • Why Choose myTrack?

  • Eliminate contractor overspending by an average of 10%-15% each year through automated contract compliance and billing.
  • Eliminate guesswork and remove the burden from your contractors. myTrack replaces manual inputs with real-time data, confirming gates, schedules, and contractual terms to streamline operations for owners and contractors.
  • Take charge of actual hour calculations with a single source of truth. Owners can rely on a system that ensures accuracy and transparency, eliminating the need for independent timesheet audits.
  • Empower informed decision-making and strategic efficiency for future planning with myTrack. Optimize staffing, adjust schedules, and accurately forecast resources, all backed by reliable data.
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    Be Proactive. Always Know Who is Onsite in Real Time 

    A better way to manage your global workforce.

    Your Contractor Management Journey Begins with myTrack

    Maturity Curve 2024 FINAL

    New myTrack Features

    Personalized User Experience

    myTrack’s modern look and feel means a more efficient, improved overall user experience--plus a faster daily settlement process with reduced clicks and quick access to data.

    Mobile Authorization

    Improve productivity by authorizing hours and costs wherever you are with the myTrack mobile app. No more going back to the work trailer—spend more time in the field overseeing work. 

    Built-in Intelligence

    Leverage myTrack's intelligence for accelerated transactions, precise spend validation, visual alerts for data exceptions, and real-time notifications. Elevate your accuracy and efficiency in managing contractor data.

    Open APIs

    Cross-application spend controls are enabled through myTrack’s open architecture. Propel your operational efficiency to new heights with seamless integration with the other tools you rely on.

    Reduced Administrative Time

    Have one simplified workstream and a personalized experience. Get real-time alerts through in-app notifications and texts. Plus, it is easier to accelerate vendor onboarding onto myTrack. 

    Robust Architecture

    Propel your business forward with software built on the cutting edge of technology. Our commitment to innovation means myTrack’s architecture is designed to grow with your  business and emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and more.

    Settle with Your Contractors Daily with myTrack

    Eliminate long settlement processes and reap the benefits of capturing real-time data.

    1) ERP: Interfaces with client ERP to receive cost objects (Purchase Orders, Work Orders, work breakdown structure elements, and operations in real-time.)

    2) ACS: Interfaces with client ACS to calculate instant workforce headcount and time-on-site or gross-time, or MCi’s Track Anywhere mobile application. 

    3) Terms, Conditions, Rates & Schedules: Applies contractor-specific terms, conditions, rates, and schedules (i.e. pay formulas) to gross time to calculate net billable hours.

    4) Allocation & Acceptance [Daily Settlement]: Presents net billable hours for a contractor timekeeper to allocate each craftsman’s work for the prior day. Allocations include skill, billable rate(s), total cost, appropriate project cost objects, and responsible supervisor.

    5) Authorization [Daily Settlement]: The owner’s supervisor approves or rejects accepted allocations designated for his or her approval. This person has access to all details of these allocations.

    6) Visibility: Owners access data to analyze progress in the field, update schedules, and produce additional invoices if necessary; contractors utilize data for internal systems.

    7) Completion: Authorized allocations are routed to the client’s ERP system as service entries (or other) and staged for payment to contractors.
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