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Chemicals Industry

Automate contractor cost control, ensure contract compliance, and improve productivity at your chemical production facilities.

Contractor Cost Management Software

myTrack empowers chemical companies to effortlessly monitor contractor costs and ensure contract compliance, providing real-time transparency and actionable insights to drive operations forward.

The chemicals industry in the U.S. includes about 10,000 companies with a combined annual revenue of nearly $750 billion. The U.S. industry is highly concentrated, with the 50 largest firms generating more than half of industry revenue. With over 2.5 million contractors working in the chemical industry, myTrack provides a solution to help you better manage your contractor workforce.

Protect Your Budget

Enhance your financial management with myTrack, leveraging automated cost controls to optimize budgets and identify cost-saving opportunities.

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Centralize Contractor Information

myTrack acts as a comprehensive repository for all contractor-related information. This centralized data storage transforms how information is accessed and managed, paving the way for more informed decision-making and heightened operational efficiency.

Simplify Compliance and Audit Readiness

Preparing for audits and maintaining regulatory compliance becomes a thing of the past with myTrack. It keeps comprehensive and accurate records required for compliance and audits.
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Improve Relationships Between Owners and Contractors

myTrack is not just a management tool; it’s a platform for collaboration. It bridges gaps between contractors, management, and various departments, contributing to a more unified work environment and improved project outcomes.

Management Controls Case Studies

Read real-world examples of how global producers are simplifying the complexities of contractor data and spend management.