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Gain Real-Time Visibility into Your STO Projects

myTrack automatically monitors contractor spend and schedule so you can better manage your shutdown, turnaround, and outage projects.

Ensure Your STO Projects are
Being Completed at the Correct Costs

Supervisor Ratio

Schedule of Skilled Labor

Real-time insights into who from your contractor workforce is on site and what skill sets they have.

Planned Work vs Actual Work

Compare your planned work to what actually happened at the end of a shift.

Budget Burn

Maintain contractor spend against your budget with complete granularity. Ensure that your crews are working on the right jobs, at the right time.

Workforce Management

Improve your contractor safety, performance, and efficiency with fatigue management reporting.

Manpower Insights & Analytics

Real-time analytics into contractor utilization enable you to make required adjustments as needed.


Can you capture highly accurate contractor data on hours worked by PO/Line item and Work Order? By Operation and Sub-Operation?

Are hours verified by your security/access control system and automatically calculated using the terms and conditions of each contract?

Would you like to replace paper timesheets, Excel spreadsheets, and home-grown solutions with a more accurate enterprise solution?

Would you like to understand exactly where your project stands daily and be able to forecast accuracy?

Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage Management

Forecast STO Projects Accurately

  • Use actual burned hours by purchase order or work order to forecast your Estimate at Completion (EAC) with 98% accuracy.
  • View detailed project hours and costs by purchase order, work order, line item, and operation.
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    Turnaround MGr.

    Proactively Manage Contractor Spend

  • Review your earned versus burned performance data to make changes to keep your project on schedule and within budget.
  • See how your planned value changes over the course of a project by capturing your project baseline, control estimate, and change orders.
  • Contractor hours are calculated automatically using your access control system logs and contract terms and conditions.
  • Keep Contractors Safe on STO Projects

  • Make sure contractors have the right safety certifications and training before being allowed on your site.
  • Get real-time alerts when workers reach their fatigue threshold to prevent accidents and injuries proactively.
  • Monitor exposure hours to safety hazards on your STO projects to protect your contractors and stay OSHA-compliant.
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