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Mining and Metals

Maximize efficiency in mining with myTrack for advanced contractor data management.

Contractor Spend Management for Processing Sites

myTrack helps mining companies automatically track contractor costs and stay contract-compliant with real-time visibility and actionable insights to deliver significant cost savings.

Metals and mining companies rely heavily on contractors for the bulk of their labor, equipment, and materials needs at every phase of their operations—so much so that contract labor comprises two-thirds of the entire global metals and mining workforce. The world’s top 40 metals and mining companies employ more than 654,000 labor resources in the U.S. alone and reported $683 billion in revenues as of 2018.

Improve Compliance and Safety Management

The mining industry has strict regulatory compliance and safety standards. myTrack can help manage and track the compliance and fatigue thresholds of contractors, ensuring they meet industry-specific safety regulations and training requirements. This reduces the risk of accidents and legal issues.

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Optimize Contractor Oversight

myTrack streamlines the process of managing multiple contractors. By centralizing contractor data, such as contracts, performance metrics, and schedules, mining companies can optimize their workforce, reduce administrative burden, and ensure that projects are staffed appropriately.

Control Costs and Manage Budgets

myTrack helps mining companies track and analyze the cost associated with each contractor or project. This data-driven approach can assist in budget forecasting, identifying cost overruns, and ensuring that financial resources are allocated efficiently.
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Improve Owner-Contractor Relationships

myTrack facilitates better communication between contractors and owners. Sharing real-time information, project updates, and feedback can lead to improved collaboration and problem-solving.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

With comprehensive data in a centralized location, mining companies can make more informed decisions about which contractors to engage, how to improve operational efficiencies, and ways to reduce costs without compromising on safety or quality.
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Management Controls Case Studies

Read real-world examples of how global producers are simplifying the complexities of contractor data and spend management.