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Unlock Your Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits with myTrack

Don't Let Valuable Incentives Slip Through Your Fingers

The Inflation Reduction Act is generating lots of interest as companies race to qualify for the $500 billion in new spending and tax breaks. Look no further than Management Controls (MCi), a trusted global provider of contractor data and spend management software. 

With myTrack, you can unlock a potential 30% IRA tax credit for your organization by meeting prevailing wage and registered apprenticeship requirements. myTrack is your gateway to ensuring compliance and capitalizing on substantial tax incentives. 

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Unpacking the Advanced Energy Project Credit Program

Section 48C(e) of the IRA, the Advanced Energy Project Credit Program, is a boon to businesses striving for industrial competitiveness and eco-friendly supply chains. myTrack delivers seamless automation of time tracking, ensuring your business meets the prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements for your workforce, paving the way for lucrative incentives. 

Learn How myTrack can Help You Qualify


How does myTrack help?

myTrack offers detailed insights into apprenticeship percentages and ensures your organization aligns with time requirements for the 48C(e) tax credit. 



What qualifies for prevailing wage?

The prevailing wage is a blend of the basic hourly wage and any fringe benefits. It’s mandatory for worker pay to align with the prevailing wage rates of the project location.


How do you meet apprenticeship requirements?

A specified percentage of total labor hours must be allocated to qualified apprentices. Depending on the project start date, qualified apprentices must perform 10% to 15% of total labor hours at minimum. 

Who's eligible?

Industries investing in eligible advanced energy projects, focusing on clean energy, emission reduction, and critical materials refining, reprocess, and recycling, can qualify.


When should you apply?

Stay tuned for updates on future phases allowing applications for these tax credits, as the initial deadline has elapsed. Future phases of 48C(e) will allow manufacturers to apply for these tax credits.                                                  

Read what satisfied customers have to say...

"Navigate through the complexities of the IRA with ease and precision. Management Controls transforms the overwhelming into the manageable, offering tailored solutions to help companies across various industries leverage the benefits of the IRA. Optimize your savings and offset your investments with our revolutionary myTrack platform"

— Ken Naughton, 
President, Management Controls, Inc.

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